What Drives Us

Teaching is one of the most important and most challenging jobs on the planet. Period.

We believe educators deserve professional development that lives up to crucial work they are entrusted to do every day.

Yet so much PD misses the mark.

What we know from experience is PD can feel almost electric when it’s done well.

We believe that professional development should:

  • Be full of high-quality content that is practical and implementable
  • Select passionate, knowledgable presenters who are educators and subject-matter experts
  • Acknowledge the realities of modern education, and look beyond to see all that is possible!
  • Be affordable
  • Include flexible options to participate, because teachers are busy!
  • Be engaging and get neurons firing on all cylinders
  • Inspire, re-energize, and reconnect teachers with their calling!

These are our guiding thoughts we have in mind as we put together each conference. We aren’t looking to simply deliver PD; we aim to provide an experience that builds skills and renews your passion and enthusiasm for teaching!

Our Format

The conference is delivered online in hybrid format, with both pre-recorded sessions and live-streamed sessions & panels.

This gives us the opportunity to develop community, ask & answer questions, and not have to choose between sessions.

Attendees have access to all content and replays for a full year, giving everyone the time to digest and revisit content on their own schedules.

The Significance of “& Beyond” & Our Format

In 2021, we decided to build on what we started with Elementary STEM CON in 2020.

This year our expansion efforts include more content for secondary teachers, special education, authentic arts integration / STEAM, culturally responsive STEM/STEAM, social-emotional learning, and more.

We added the “& Beyond” tag to indicate our commitment to challenging ourselves each year to build and expand our offering.

The full session list is available through the registration page.

Past Events

In our first two years (2020 & 2021), we averaged 4,000 attendees from 24 countries. Our goal was to bring together passionate elementary educators to enjoy four days of practical, actionable, and inspirational professional development.

While we were confident we could do just that, what we didn’t expect was the transformational and soul-lifting experience it turned out to be. Our attendees were blown by the experience too.

Host & Organizer

Elementary STEM CON & Beyond is hosted and organized by Kerry Tracy. Kerry was a public school teacher for 10 years (grades 2 – 8), holds a master’s degree in Design-Based Learning and is passionate about high-quality educational experiences for both teachers and students.

You may know Kerry from her work on: Feel-Good Teaching, STEM Challenge, or YouTube.